I was minding my business At a grocery store Stuffing up my carts And trying choice stuffs up My love for bright colours Was obvious from my choice of stuffs Hanging seductively down my cart As I pushed to a corner in carefree estacy. Then I noticed some attention A focused visual sense and store... Continue Reading →

Making a Difference

There was a little plant in the desert where all was dull and sad looking. It was growing by itself, enjoying every day and saying to the sun, “when shall I grow up?” and the sun would say, “you will soon be grown up, be patient. Each time I shine on you, you grow a... Continue Reading →

Same class, different lessons

I had an astonishing experience in class last year. I had led my students to see an old, interesting movie, Sleeping Beauty, aimed at giving them some relaxation time, adding some fun to learning, deepening their understanding of the use of certain words and structures and we were to discuss the lessons from the movie.... Continue Reading →


A little mouse became tired of moving on ground and hiding in people’s houses, so he decided to climb a high building made of glass, and live in the houses of wealthy people. He said to himself, “If I reach the apex, I will be highly respected by my peers.”                 “Take the stairs”, his... Continue Reading →

Is this you…in some way?

Stanley, Sad. Stanley wasn't in his best moods tonight but he's up for a hangout hoping he will feel better. He had applied for a promotion and he was declined a third time. It was a Tuesday evening. Again, he will hang out late on a work day night to ease his mental distress,... Continue Reading →

He who has ears … To some of y’all that wants a person to love you the way you’re, And making no improvements on yourself, I’m imagining fate watching you fall in love with someone that will hurt you and will teach you a lesson about character development. Don’t learn it the hard way, and Don’t quote me.

My First Blog Post

Change Be open to change Be open to the possibility that you may be wrong. Be open to the truth that you may be needing some agility in your thinking.And let light shine on gray areas. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned... Continue Reading →

WHO RUNS OgePatrick

Oge Patrick does. I deem it a privilege and opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences and those of many others on this platform and an honor to have you read them and share your experiences with us. Though I run this site, it is not mine. It's ours. It's not about me. It's about... Continue Reading →

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