Planted, Not Buried

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” ~Christine Caine Amber Helt said: If you feel deprived of your creative outlet, don’t panic. Your creativity hasn’t died, it’s simply maturing in your subconscious. So the very first step to escaping the claustrophobic feeling of being buried... Continue Reading →

A “Pledge to Me” Series -sticking with abuse no more

The story can be told this way, as brief as the teller could possibly be. It was one year today when a form of relationship that shouldn't have existed began. One of them was certain about the weak sustainability of the relationship, but that a trial wouldn't be bad was the thought.And so it began... Continue Reading →

Stay Sane

The word "importanter" is not grammatically correct so it's almost never used except when someone wants to make jokes. It was employed here to speak of something that can be more important than other important things. Whatever is the case, STAY SANE! Disclaimer: I'm by no means an English expert but I hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

If you stumble, make it part of the dance

What an antidote for the many pains and feelings of inadequacy! A tailor's mistake can inspire a style. Errors are inevitable and you sure will make a lot of them. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying.Decisions are made from experiences and some experiences result from bad decisions. Remember that there won't always be listening... Continue Reading →


Flowers frown Plants brown Degree varies Weather stymiesIt dawned on me just nowThat soon you will a bowAnd then you will fallInto the cold like a ball

Ịfe amarọ kwụrụ

Things are not standing well … Ịfe amarọ kwụrụ Things are not standing well … To say things have fallen apart, or may never have stood well, might sound like one is susceptible to melodramatic exaggeration or on another deliberate round of discourse on outpouring grievances.   But indeed, things are not standing well, we... Continue Reading →

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